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Programs designed to produce results

At Barks & Rec, we believe a well-trained dog will be a loved and appreciated member of the family for life. Through our training programs, you will develop a lifelong relationship of respect and mutual understanding with your pet. We are here to help you every step of the way. 
We utilize proven techniques focusing on obedience, socialization, and behavior modification. No two dogs learn the same, or at the same speed. Barks & Rec offers a variety of customized, individual training courses to help you shape your dog to the best they can be.


Private Lessons

These are in-depth, customizable and flexible. We will address specific concerns, and work toward achieving your goals one on one. 

Social Session

If your dog is not quit ready for daycare or struggles with proper social etiquette, they may benefit from a social session.

Board & Train

We have a variety of options available. Your dog’s day will include multiple training sessions to work toward accomplishing your goals.

Day Train

This program includes the same individualized sessions as our Board and Train option, but allows you to pick up your dog at the end of each training day

Group Classes

Our group classes are a great way to practice and advance your dogs responsiveness in practical, everyday situations.

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