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Board & Train

During our Board and Train program your dog’s day will include multiple training sessions to work toward accomplishing your goals. Your pup will spend the night in one of our luxury suits, while enjoying all the same amenities a normal boarding guest would enjoy, like group socialization or one-on-one staff time. Length of stay will be determined based on your dog’s needs, which we will establish prior to scheduling. While your dog is with us, we will meet with you to go over what they're learning and how to use their designated tools with confidence.

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2 Week "Teachers Pet" Program | $1,860.00

This program best suites owners who would like a higher level of obedience for their dog and is a great option for dogs who can be overly excitable, or struggle with minor behavioral issues including (but not limited to) mild leash reactivity, impulse control, excessive jumping, and trouble focusing. This program is best suited for dogs 5 months of age or older. 

What we cover

  • Confidence Building (working through environmental obstacles)

  • Socializing (with other dogs AND people)

  • Impulse control (Holding commands until released)

  • Waiting at thresholds (doorways, etc.)

  • Come when called (returning to owner)

  • Heel (walking nicely on leash)

  • Place (go to your spot)

  • Sit (hold, until released)

  • Calm mental state

3+ Week "Rehab" Program | $2,660.00

Designed to help dogs who struggle with more significant behavioral issues like aggression towards people or other animals. It's important to note that dogs who have used defense tactics, like lunging and biting, to defend their space may need lifetime management. Dogs who are more selective with the people and animals they trust, can't be forced into being social, however that doesn't mean they're without hope! We prioritize mental state over obedience and will help to work towards overcoming their fears.

What we cover

  • Calm mental state over obedience (For behavioral Cases)

  • Confidence Building (working through environmental obstacles)

  • Socializing (with other dogs AND people)

  • Introduction to new situations 

  • Additional obedience commands to help drive their success

  • Impulse control (Holding commands)

  • Come when called (returning to owner)

  • Place (Go to your spot)


Our most popular option. So why choose E-Collar for your dogs program? 

Hands-Free Communication

It is vital to be able to communicate with our dogs at any time, especially in off-leash settings. The e-collar is an aid for that communication. 

Think of it as an extension of your leash.

Builds Reliability

Want to take your obedience to the next level without bribing your dog? Using an e-collar creates consistency through backing up our positive training. 

No need for pockets full of hotdogs!

Make Your Dogs World.. Bigger!

A fully-trained dog on e-collar can go just about anywhere with you!

Make the world your dog park.


E-collars (short for electronic collar) are a training aid.  

Our collars utilize Rheostat technology: think TENS unit at the chiropractor. The collar does not "shock", it delivers a pulsing sensation. There are several settings for the intensity of the pulse, which range from low (most people cannot register feeling of these low levels) to high—We learn the dog's level of perception, and adjust them accordingly during the training process. 

The stimulation from the collar becomes another way to communicate with your dog, and helps create consistency and boundaries.

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