Board & Train

During our Board and Train program your dog’s day will include multiple training sessions to work toward accomplishing your goals. Your pup will spend the night in one of our luxury suits, while enjoying all the same amenities a normal boarding guest would enjoy, like group socialization or one-on-one staff time. Length of stay will be determined based on your dog’s needs. Our standard programs are one, two, and three weeks. ALL PROGRAMS REQUIRE A $200.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT

All training requires a completed registration form, please follow the link below to get started!

1 Week "Good Dog" Program - $775.00

This program is best suited for puppies who need a basic foundation or dogs who are overall well-behaved, but need to refine a few skills that they already know! If you're looking for off-leash reliability or more behavior modification, this is NOT the program for your dog. Training equipment not included in price.

What we cover:

  • Walk nicely on leash

  • Intro to recall (return to owner)

  • Off (remove yourself from)

  • Wait (Don't move forward/Waiting at thresholds)

  • Place with duration 

2 Week "Teachers Pet" Program - $1,550.00

Suited for owners who would like a higher level of obedience for their pup. This program is best for dogs who can be overly excitable, or struggle with minor behavioral issues including, but not limited to, mild leash reactivity, impulse control, insecurity, excessive jumping, leash pulling. This program is a great option for owners who are looking for that off-leash reliability for their dog. Training equipment not included in price. 

What we cover:

  • Heel (Walk nicely on leash)

  • Come (return to owner)

  • Off (remove yourself from)

  • Wait (Don't move forward/Waiting at thresholds)

  • Place (stay on your spot)

  • Sit (Stay implied)

  • Down (Stay implied)

  • Kennel (If needed)

  • Quiet (If needed)

  • Drop (If needed)

3 Week "Rehab" Program - $2,325.00

Designed to help dogs who struggle with more significant behavioral issues like aggression towards people or other animals. It's important to note that dogs who have used defense tactics, like lunging and biting, to defend their space may need lifetime management. 

Dogs who are more selective with the people and animals they trust, can't be forced into being social, however that doesn't mean they're without hope! Our team of trainers will work hard to give your dog a chance to live their new life with improved behaviors. We will prioritize their mental state over obedience in these situations to help them overcome their mental limitations and work towards overcoming these fears.