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What do I bring for my dogs when they board?

Please refer to our boarding tab (Under "Our Services") for more information on what to pack for your pooch!

Does my dog need an evaluation to board?

Nope! We only require an evaluation for group play. If you would like your dog to participate in group, we can evaluate them here during their stay, or you can request an evaluation before your reservation!

Are play times included in boarding prices?

Yes! We believe everyone deserves to play. After all, tired dogs are happy dogs! Your dog will enjoy their play time in specially selected groups that match their size and play style. If you wish to add daycare days to their stay, you are welcome to for an extra charge, if space permits.

*All dogs must pass an evaluation to make sure they are suited to group play.

*If your dog does not pass a group play evaluation, they will still receive individual play time with staff members at no additional charge.

My dog has medication. Can you administer it?

Yes. Our staff is trained to administer all different types of medications from pills to insulin. We've got you covered!

Does my dog need an evaluation for daycare?

Yes! We require all of our daycare dogs to pass their evaluation before participating in group play. This ensures everyone's safety and allows us make sure that daycare is the right fit for your pup! Feel free to give us a call to schedule your free evaluation.

What are the benefits of daycare for my dog?

Daycare is a controlled, safe, clean and FUN place to bring your dog during the day. Dogs can really benefit from the regular exercise, and interaction with both people and other dogs. It's a healthy out-let for any pent-up energy and extra socialization!

Do you have any breed restrictions?

No way! We believe each dog, no matter the breed, should get an equal opportunity to pass their evaluation. While some breeds do not enjoy the daycare environment as much as others, all dogs are welcomed at our facility! 

Do you allow unaltered dogs?

Yes, we do! We are one of the few facilities that do accept in-tact males, and females. Our in-tact dogs must pass their evaluation, and are closely monitored. We do not accept females in a current heat cycle. Please note that in-tact dogs can be more of a challenge in a group environment, and may require more breaks during the day for the safety and well-being of the group.

What if my dog isn't group approved?

No problem, not all dogs enjoy group play, and that's alright! We can offer your pup some one-on-one time with our staff, as well as some fun enrichment activities like food puzzles, treadmill, etc!

Do you train service dogs?

No, we do not train tasking for service dogs. However, we can help you achieve the fundamental skills your dog will need to become one, such as obedience and public access training.

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