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"Piper was about five months old when Jen came into her life. Our goal was to have a puppy who would behave around others, take on walks without pulling, and to allow us to eat without being barked at. Jen worked briefly each session teaching Piper the command associated with the signal, then worked with us on how to reinforce them. It would have taken months of training to accomplish the progress we saw in a few short weeks working with Jen. We achieve our goals in a short amount of time and have a puppy who can sit, lay down, be quiet, heel, and also stay in place on command. We ended training with a great trip to the Farmer's Market, which was well beyond our expectations. We highly recommend the e-collar training method with Jen."

Dee S.

Jen was the first private trainer I've ever worked with-- and she will likely be the only! I purchased a 4 month old Standard Poodle in November '16 and that was the start of an "unconventional" journey to my new pup becoming a service dog. I reached out to Jen shortly after getting Ophie and immediately knew she was who the two of us needed to work with.Ophie recently spent 7 1/2 weeks with Jen and I am incredibly amazed at how much my sweet girl learned and grew during her time in Eau Claire. Jen is genuine, reliable, encouraging, and truly cares about the people and pups she works with. I like to think of dog training as her ministry. Thank you so much for your hard work Jen! You are appreciated more than words could ever say or express!

Kenzie L. 

Jen is a truly talented dog trainer. I have watched her progress as she has trained multiple dogs over the years, including her pup and my own. The combination of training techniques she uses are effective both short term, and long term. We are still currently working with my boy, Murphy, but he has progressed significantly since Jen stared working with him and training him with the e-collar, rather than simply using only positive reinforcement and treats. I can honestly say I wouldn't go with any other dog trainer out there! Jen is amazing!

Stephanie N.

Jen is a phenomenal trainer who knows what she's doing. My dog is as successful and well-trained because of her. Thank you Jen for your expertise and patience when teaching my dog (and me) how to be successful and obedient.

Suzy A.