Barks & Recreation | Eau Claire, WI


Dog Boarding

Our overnight area is designed to provide comfort and a sense of security. The private suites are outfitted with a Kuranda bed, food/water bowls, and any personal effects from home. 
One on one, and dog group playtime is included in our overnight rates. 
(We do not require an evaluation to board, however, all dogs must be evaluated and approved for play groups. Ask for your evaluation at drop off)
M-F: 7 a.m- 6:30 p.m
Sat-Sun Drop off/pick up 8-10 a.m. and  6-8 p.m

All Inclusive

    • Fiber glass enclosure
    • Raised bed provided
    • Private, calm atmosphere
    • No chain link 
    • Plenty of outdoor potty breaks
    • Multiple Play groups with other dogs (each dog must be evaluated and approved before joining a group)
    • Private play for dogs that prefer not to socialize
    • Limited capacity for the best quality care
    • Private outdoor runs
    • Large indoor and outdoor play areas
    • Individualized care for pets with special needs


    • $40/night for our Deluxe suite with private outdoor patio
    • $35/night for our Premium suite without private patio
    • $30/night for a crate stay [Your dog MUST be crate trained to board in our crate spots]
    • 15% off for additional dog(s) in same suite

    If checking out after 1:00PM on the last day of your pups stay, there will be an additional housing fee of $15.00. Checkouts before 1:00PM will not receive this charge.

Make it cozy

What to bring

    • Switching food can cause upset tummies. So please provide enough food for your dog’s stay in a small container!
    • We are happy to administer medications or supplements. Please provide the original container so we are certain to give the proper dosage.
    • You are welcome to bring treats/blankets from home. However, we cannot guarantee they will be in the same condition when you return.
    • All dogs must have up to date rabies/distemper vaccinations. Bordetella vac recommended (titer tests accepted).
    • Please be sure your dog is flea free and on flea/tick preventative. Natural or medical.

While pup is here

Daily Schedule

We understand that dogs are sometimes hard to win over, so our schedule is designed to put them at ease. Offering a low stress but socially enriching day built on routines builds trust with our canine customers. Our dogs quickly realize they can depend on us for everything that they need, allowing our experienced team to become an extension of your pup’s family.                  

What pup gets

Personalized Care

Barks & Rec isn’t one of those overcrowded facilities where the staff doesn’t know your dog’s name. We have an intimate relationship with all of our dogs and are able to do so by limiting the number of visitors in our facility. Whether its medications, wiping down facial folds, belly rubs etc. your dog is going to get the what they need when they are here.